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SafePlug electrical products enhance electrical safety, conserve energy and save money.

Home Solutions - Electrical Safety
Residential Solutions

Slash your electricity bills and protect your home and family. Prevent fires and shocks. Protect your electronics. SafePlug guards your home 24/7.

Business Solutions - Electrical Safety

Commercial Solutions

Improve occupant efficiency and safety. Save energy, improve your LEED rating and comply with Green Building Codes.

Load Controller - Electrical Safety

Utilities Solutions

Provide accurate, safe Demand Response for pumps, heaters, and plug loads.  Enable customer empowered dynamic pricing methods. SafePlug cuts phantom power waste for conservation and energy efficiency.

Institutional Solutions - Electrical Safety


Prevent electrical fires and stop energy waste on campus and in student housing.  Improve profits and safety at trade shows.  Increase customers and profits in retail stores, airports, train and bus stations.





Award-winning SafePlug products increase electrical safety and provide customized, robust energy management or home automation load control.  Founded in 1998 to reduce household electrical fires, SafePlug products can save your family and your money.  Our unique plug load control products can save your business money and help you comply with Green Building Codes.  With SafePlug outlets and RightPlug tags, you control what gets power when in your home, office, business or any location

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National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Wiring Device Committee and High Performance Building Council